Choosing the perfect dog bed for your pooch is not always easy, and mistakes can be costly.  This dog bed buying guide should help you make an educated decision walking you through consideration when buying a dog bed.  Your dogs can sleep 12-14 hours a day, and some dogs even more than that.  That is why a quality dog bed is a necessity for your dog’s quality of life.

dog bed buying guide

Dog Bed Size – Buying Guide:

When choosing a dog bed size, you need a general rule of thumb is better.  Why?  Because erring on the side of too big creates no problems.  On the other hand, a dog on a too-small bed looks pathetic, and it will not provide the support they need for a good night’s rest as per mostly dog bed buying guide.  Returning dog beds can be expensive due to size.  Measure your dog while sleeping and add 10-12″ – that should provide the size needed.

Dog Couch:

Dog couch style beds are perfect for any dog.  They are stylish and functional.  With sturdy construction and orthopedic memory foam options, they can be the perfect bed for small dogs and XXL dogs – old and young.  These are beds you will be proud to have in your home and not worry about what guests may think if it is in your living room.

Orthopedic Dog Beds / Memory Foam Dog Beds:

These dog beds are perfect for older and/or larger dogs.  For the dogs who like to stretch out while resting and need that extra support.  Dogs with arthritis or joint issues benefit greatly from memory foam dog beds.  These beds never sag and always provide support.

dog bed buying guide 2021

Bolster Dog Beds:

The bolster dog beds are great for dogs that like to curl up when they sleep.  They can accommodate the stretchers as well – make sure to get a big enough size.  The bolster provides a pillow for your dog and gives the dog a sense of security while sleeping.  Some dogs hate to feel exposed when resting, So before making the purchase you have to well aware of the dog bed buyer guide.  The bolster wrapped around them gives a nice secure restful sleep.

Round Dog Beds:

Definitely for the curlers – Round dog beds are perfect for dogs that like to curl up when they sleep.  This is a favorite of young and flexible dogs.  Most round dog beds come with a bolster you can follow each step of this dog bed buying guide all the way around for that nest-like feeling.

What’s Inside Does Matter:

The filler material is important on any dog bed. Dog beds should have filler that doesn’t become matted down and holds its shape. The material should be able to shift around to mold to the dog’s shape and still be soft.

Washable Covers Are A Good Thing:

If you can take off the dog bed cover and wash it, that’s a good thing. Yur dogs are constantly finding ways to get dirty and find things that smell. If the one you like doesn’t have a removable cover that you can wash, think about putting some blanket or material over the dog bed that you can wash or even replace when the time comes.

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The best dog beds are ones that fit the dog, are easy to clean, big enough for your pet, and provide a soft and comfortable place for sleeping. You can get as fancy as you want on how it looks. Just make sure the functionality is there for your dog.

Final Verdict – Dog Bed buyers Guide

If your dog needs a place to sleep, you should look into getting a dog bed. There are all kinds of brands on the market these days, ranging from fancy to functional. The times of throwing down a dirty old towel are over – there are enough diverse products that you can treat your dog’s bed as a piece of furniture to enhance your house, rather than hiding it in a corner in the garage.

This dog bed buying guide will give you some useful tips on getting a dog bed, how to make sure it’s something your dog will like, and how to decide exactly what kind of dog beds you’ll be needing.

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