How to wash a dog bed with stuffing (Easiest ways)

Dogs are the loveliest animals to keep as pets. They not only reduce your lonely time but also prove as a good companion and faithful friend. As you purchase a comfortable bed for your dog the biggest problem you face is how to wash a dog bed with stuffing. They will see you off when you leave home and also welcome you when you enter the home.

Canines make your home a lively place with their presence. They are so considerate of your feelings so it is your duty to be considerate for them. Feed them, love them, and provide a comfortable place for them to live.

How to wash a dog bed with stuffing

Dog bed with stuffing

Apart from nutrition the more important thing which a dog needs is your quality time and a peaceful night’s sleep. You can spend your time with the dog but you cannot let him sleep in your lap the whole night. You need to buy a bed in which your dog can sleep without having joint and bone pain in the morning.

For this purpose dog beds with stuffing is the best choice as they adjust according to the varying weight of the body of the dog in different positions. They are really comfortable to sleep on. They would really feel active and healthy in the morning.

Comfort comes first

Keeping a pet is not an easy job you need to consider a lot of things that are in the best interest of your dog. Your pet’s comfort should be your topmost priority. You should try to make your pet as comfortable as possible but not at the cost of its health. After buying a comfortable bed for your dog you should be well aware of how to keep the bed clean because a dirty bed can be of huge problems. But you should not wash a dog bed more frequently because it can make its stuffing to clump together which will become uncomfortable for your dog to sleep on.

Don’t let your dog sleep on a dirty bed

Though beds with stuffing are comfortable for dogs to sleep on they come with a lot of cons like if some liquid spills on the dog’s bed, it will quickly seep into the stuffing without giving you the time to clean it. Dirty beds cannot only make your dog fall ill and have skin problems but also make your dog depressed which in turn affects your mood also. This dirty bed will produce a bad odor which will spread in your house too so you should be well aware of How to wash a dog bed with stuffing.

washing dog beds in washing machine

How to clean dog bedding

Before you consider washing a dog bed in the washing machine or wash a dog bed without a washing machine you should be well versed in how to keep the dog bedding clean. If you keep it clean then it will not only reduce the chances of more frequent washes but will also save you the trouble of going through the different steps of How to wash a dog bed with stuffing.

Things we need to consider for keeping dog’s bed clean

  • Use a bed cover on the bed with stuffing so the bed gets less dirty
  • You can just remove the cover and wash it with the washing machine or by hand, it is less troublesome than washing a whole bed because you will find it more difficult to wash a dog bed without a removable cover
  • Kirkland dog bed replacement cover is the best choice for such purposes
  • Use an air blower and vacuum cleaner to clean the loosened dust particles and dog hair
  • Use stain removal techniques, sprinkle some baking soda to remove the odor


  • If your dog’s bed comes with a cover then firstly remove it before putting it in the machine
  • Don’t forget to close the zippers before putting them in the machine
  • Also, check the dog bed for any wear and tear to make sure stuffing doesn’t come out
  • Do check the company’s instructions carefully before washing the bed and follow them to avoid any damages

Washing dog beds in a washing machine

While working on “how to wash a dog bed with stuffing?” you need to consider a lot of things if the bed is small then you can just put it in the washing machine with a detergent having fewer chemicals and use gentle cycles. After taking it out from the washing machine you need to rinse it repeatedly for 2 to 3 times to make sure that all the dirty and soapy water is out. Put the dog’s bed in the sun to make sure it is dry inside out. You do not want to make your dog sleep on the damp bed and fall ill.

How to wash a dog bed with stuffing

Wash a dog bed without a washing machine

If a dog bed is large and you cannot wash it in the washing machine then you can get it washed from the laundry or wash it by hand at home.


  • Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any loose dirt and dog hair
  • Spot clean all the stains
  • Presoak in warm water to get rid of stubborn stains and kill the germs
  • Use the detergent with fewer chemicals
  • Rinse it thoroughly to get rid of all the soapy and dirty water
  • Make sure to put the bed in the sun after washing even if you dry it in the dryer
  • When the dog’s bed is completely dry then use your hands to pull the clamped stuffing to make it soft again and your dog does not feel uncomfortable to sleep on it
  • Use some deodorizer to remove the odor

These were some tips on how to wash a dog bed with stuffing which may seem simple but actually, they are not. Washing a stuffed bed takes a lot of effort so you need to clear your schedule if you are planning to wash your dog’s stuffed bed this weekend. Make sure you do all the steps correctly because it is your dog’s health and comfort at stake.

How to wash a dog bed with stuffing


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