How to stop my dog from chewing his bed (Pro Tips)

Anyone who has a dog as a pet or who has ever raised a dog at home even once in his life knows the struggle and difficulties of getting along with them and changing their habits and training them to adopt good habits. The animal only understands your gestures as they cannot understand your language so training them could prove a hell of a job. As I’ve struggled a lot about How to stop my dog from chewing his bed?

How to stop my dog from chewing his bed

Everyone wants their dog with sharp canines to behave like a well mannered and obedient dog. But there are times when your dog does not behave well that make you annoying. When I take my first pet dog home he also had some annoying habits due to which I wasn’t able to spend some quality time.

It was difficult but finally, I got my dog trained and succeeded in getting rid of its bad habits like chewing bed, furniture, whining, digging, and scratching bedsheets and clothes. I did a lot of research How to stop a dog from chewing everything and also searched stop dog chewing furniture home remedies. I will share some of the tips to save you from the trouble of going through the same.

Be patient during stop dog from chewing

The key to this process lies within your patience because the animals are just like the newborn kids who cannot understand your words and also they cannot understand what to do and what not to. You have to make them adopt good habits while leaving their previous habits behind. So keep calm and be patient.

Dog beds for chewers

As I told you earlier that it is gonna be a long battle before you can completely get rid of the chewing habits of the dog. When I was preparing my dog I knew that my dog chews bed in the crate. So I bought chew proof dog beds because I knew it is not gonna be that easy and it will take a while before my dog completely get rid of its bad habit. You can find many kinds of Dog beds for chewers that come with fabric that cannot be easily damaged by their canines.

You not only have to stop them from chewing beds but also focus on how to stop a dog from chewing everything. Your buddy with canines can make your job tough. If he keeps on chewing everything and you just focus on stopping him from chewing his bed then you might never get rid of this habit.

Dig out the underlying cause of why my dog chews the bed

Everyone has some weird habits that you may not consciously know but some people may find these habits annoying. The most common example is that some people make noise when they chew food. Like humans animals also possess some habits but the good news is that you can train your animals to get rid of these habits. We have already reviewed the best dog bed for a basset hound and they are chewers. happitually.

Stop dog chewing furniture home Remedies

After fulfilling all these prerequisites of “how to stop my dog from chewing his bed. Now you need to dig out the underlying cause of ‘why do my dog scratch my bedsheets and chew his bed?’ some dogs do it habitually but some may have an underlying cause and that is as follows

  • They may do it for fun or stimulation
  • Paws may do it to relieve their anxiety
  • They may chew things to feel and investigate the objects which capture their interest
  • Some puppies chew objects to relieve the uncomfortable teething which is also common in human infants
  • Hunger is also stimulation that they start chewing on things


Although it is fairly normal for dogs and other pet animals to chew on different things you may find it annoying and it can also damage your furnishings. But with gentle and proper guidance you can restrict your dog from chewing inappropriate things like his own bed, fabric, and furniture. With proper guidance, you can teach your dogs which things are appropriate to chew and you will find the solution of your problem How to stop your dog from chewing his bed.

  • Feed him on time so he’ll not feel hungry to out everything in his mouth
  • Give him some toys to play with and keep an eye on him that he doesn’t put any other thing in his mouth
  • Give him a comfortable bed and place to sleep. A good night sleep makes dogs more happy and healthy and less anxious
  • Take him for a walk and let him play with other buddies
  • Give your dog proper time and play with him at home so that he doesn’t feel lonely
  • Put your valuable objects and important documents at a safe place until your dog completely get rid of his chewing habit
  • Rotate the toys of your dog and pay attention to which type of toys he likes to chew more
  • Pay more attention to your dog’s behavior to see at which time he feels like chewing things. Then spend more time with your dog at that specific moment to keep him from chewing
  • Don’t let your dog stay in bed for a longer period in day hours

I hope these remedies can help you to train your dog and get rid of its bad habits but you should never scold or beat your dog or put duct tape on its mouth to prevent him from chewing.

More help how to stop dogs from chewing his bed

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