How often should you replace dog beds?

Keeping a pet is not an easy job. You need to provide every luxury to your companion which you could. Your job isn’t done here you need to keep updating these accessories. The most important is how often should you replace dog beds. This is the main question which most dog owners wonder about. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before buying a dog bed. The main question you should ask the selling company is that when will you have to replace this bed with the new one.

How often should you replace dog beds

Replacement of the things depends on various factors, the most important one being their usage. How the product is maintained and how it is being used greatly affects the durability of the product.

Do dogs need a bed?

Dogs are naturally very sentimental. They also need emotional as well as physical care. They also need comfortable rest to stay healthy both mentally and physically. If you let them sleep on the cold floor they will fall ill more often and then you will have to take them to the doctor. They also suffer from joints pain and other diseases of the joints. So it’s probably better that you should provide your four-legged friend with a soft and comfortable bed so that it can feel loved and taken care of.

Maintenance and care:

How long should a bed last will greatly depend on how well you take care of your dog’s bed? If you keep it clean then the dog bed probably would not need any frequent washes (because washing the bed more often will affect the softness of the bed and the bed may get flattened), so it will not need any frequent replacement. Or if your dog bed comes with removable covers then you can avoid frequent replacement by just replacing its cover.

How many dog beds should a dog have

If you have taken care proper care of your dog’s bed, but still, it has now started to give off a foul smell and its stuffing has clumped together, your dog does not like to go near the bed then you should know that now is the time to replace your dog’s bed with the new one.

Your dog has grown:

Like most of the dog’s owners, you’re also wondering how often should you replace dog beds. Then you should observe the sleeping habits and postures of your dog. If your dog is sleeping in a curled-up position in its little bed then you should know that your dog has grown in size and its small bed is no longer comfortable to sleep on. Now is the time that you should replace it with the new one.

Also if your dog is aged now and starting to have joint pain and gets lethargic and the old bed is not soft enough to supports its joints well then you should replace it with anew orthopedic bed because just like elderly human beings, aging dogs also need special care.

You have bought the wrong one:

You have just bought a new bed for your canine and now you realize that you have bought the wrong one. Your dog doesn’t feel comfortable on it or it is not according to the size of your dog. Then you should replace it as quickly as possible. Do not wait for it to get old or haggard. Do not let your pet sleep on a bed in which he does not feel comfortable.

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Chewers may need more frequent replacements:

If your four-legged friend has a sharp canine and loves to chew on things and you are wondering how often should you replace dog beds? Then, my friend let me tell you that you may need more frequent replacements of the bed than the other dog’s owners. Your dog may damage the fabric of the bed and stuffing would start falling out. We have already discussed how to wash the bed with stuffing. This stuffing, ingested by your dog, can make it fall ill. So if you see the fabric and cover of the dog bed are damaged then you should replace it with the new one.

Skin ailments:

If your dog is scratching himself and is getting skin diseases that are not getting any better after proper medication then you should replace the bed of your dog with a new one and see if there is any progress. If your dog starts rejuvenating after getting a new bed then you will know that the cause of all those skin ailments was an old bed.

How often should you get a new mattress?

You should also do some quality check of your dog’s bed and see if it is still comfortable for your dog to sleep on it. You can check it by simply pressing it with your hands if it’s a small bed or by laying on it if it’s a large bed. If you can feel the hardness of the floor then you should quickly replace it because this mattress is no longer soft and comfortable for your dog to sleep on.

How to make your dog comfortable with its new bed:

Sometimes we love our old things so much that we do not want to replace them even if they are broken. Same is the true for the dogs also they cannot let go of their old beds no matter how comfortable and soft their new bed is. You can make them lie on their new bed by placing some old fragrance on it. Place a bed in its previous position or can try putting the old pillows on the bed.

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